Collect yellow and blue squares and avoid red.

Fill in the yellow bar and blue bar to win.

Don't lose your mental health by making bad decisions (red bar).

Don't go outside the game board.


🡠🡡🡢🡣  - choose your next step

SPACE     - speed up

ESC           - exit level

What is this all about (or will be)?

This is a game about the unfair advantage that life has over dogs, about the deterministic nature of it and the consequences of our rarely right decisions.

It's a bare prototype but you can use your imagination.

Play your favorite music and have fun!

...and if not - sorry for wasting your time and teasing you with that pretty dog face, please forgive me!


Made with Bevy Engine for Bevy Jam #1
Dog face image source free source
This would never be created without this great bevy-snake tutorial which taught me a lot and was used as a base for this game.


  • fix movement
  • fix asset loading
  • fix overlapping right panel with movement indicators
  • name levels like Kindergarten, Highschool, Work-life balance, and so on
  • improve menu
  • add sounds
  • add assets: yellow squares could be tennis balls (analytical thinking) and blue could be snacks (feeding by humans = emotional development)...
  • ...because yellow and blue stripe will be colors of brain cerebral swallowing which have to be filled instead of simple bars
  • add an hourglass animation instead of stripe time indicator
  • releasing of redundant squares collected will destroy red square
  • fields which add additional movement indicator
Made withRust
Tagsbevy, Dogs, infinite-runner, Tetris
Average sessionA few minutes


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It would be nice to have a smoother animation effect.